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Terms & Conditions of Supply

All goods supplied by Citywide Electrical & Security Ltd are supplied on the following terms and conditions.

  1. Ownership of the goods supplied by the sellers shall be retained by the seller until payment is received in full for the goods and for all other goods supplied to the customer.

  2. If, prior to payment for them, the goods are sold or if they become constituents of other goods which are sold by the customer to a third party, then:

    (a) The proceeds of the sale there of shall be held on trust by the customer and shall be the property of the seller and the customer shall account for such proceeds to the seller to the extent of the customer's indebtedness to the seller.

    (b) If the customer has not received payment from the third party, the debt arising to the customer shall be held on trust for the seller, and if called upon to do so the customer shall assign to the seller the debt and all other rights and remedies it shall have against such third party.

  3. If the customer shall fail to make payment to the seller for the goods as when payment falls due then the seller may terminate the customer's right to possession of the goods and the customer shall grant to the seller the right to enter into or upon any premises occupied by the customer where the goods are situated in order to recover, take possession of and/or remove the goods. The customer expressly indemnifies the seller for all costs and expenses the seller shall incur in effecting such recovery, repossession and removal.

  4. If the customer shall cease trading, go into receivership or liquidation or permit the customer's goods to be taken in execution or compound or arrangement with the customer's creditors, then without prejudice to any other rights and remedies which the seller shall have, the following events shall occur:

    (a) All unpaid amounts in respect of the goods supplied by the seller to the customer shall become immediately due and payable.

    (b) The provision of Clause 3 relating to the seller's rights of re-entry, repossession and recovery of goods shall apply.
  5. The right of repossession reserved by the seller does not entitle the customer to return goods supplied but not paid for.

  6. All costs incurred in recovering unpaid debts shall be payable by customer including all debt collection fees.

  7. Terms are 7 days full payment